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Utility Flame

Utility Flame Gel can be used as a heat source in virtually any environment and situation; including: boiling water, providing emergency sterilization, making hot MREs, reconstituting freeze dried foods, heating a cup of coffee, drying wet clothing, and starting a campfire.

Product Number(s):
70923, 70925

Technical Specs:

•Smokeless / Odorless
•Non-Toxic/Non-Explosive & Water-Soluble
•Burns up to 1358 F (737 C) & as low as -23 F (-20.5 C)
•Burns over 10,000 ft Elevation
•Boils Water Easily
•Does not Evaporate, Freeze, or Melt
•Indefinite Shelf-Life (Tested up to 12 Years)
•No EPA Restrictions (Not a HAZMAT)
•Can be Transported by Airline or Mail